FTTH Cable (2F)


  • Low bending cable suitable for Indoor application

Cable Construction

  • Primary coated fibre – G.657A
  • Strength Member – ARP Rods
  • Sheath – White LSZH


*Cable can be supplied with single mode (ITU-T-G652, G655, and G657)
& Multimode (50μm & 62.5μm), *Outer Jacket can be of PVC, Nylon, LSZH, and HDPE
 Cable construction can be jelly filled or dry core, *Strength member can be Steel or FRP
*These are general characteristics; customized designs are available as per requirements



Fibre Count Diameter (mm) (Nominal) Weight (kg/km) Tensile Strength


Tensile Strength


1 or 2 F 3.2*2.1 10 150 100

Drum Length

1000 meters ± 5%

Cable Sheath Marking

Cable sheath shall be marked in black colour with inkjet printing. Marking details can be customized. Below mentioned details are generally marked on the cable sheath.

Drum Number, Telephone Symbol, Laser Symbol, Number of Fibres, Manufacturer’s Name, Sequential Length Marking

Cable Drum Packing

Every length will be delivered on non-returnable wooden drums. Generally the cable drum flange will be marked with following.

  • Arrow showing rolling direction of the drum.
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Number of fibres
  • Cable length in meters
  • Drum Number
  • Net & gross weight
  • Customer’s name & destination

Both ends of the cable shall be sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture during transportation and storage, physical damage.