Keman Group

We are pleased to introduce “Keman Group” India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Optical Fibre Cable and Fibre Reinforced Plastic Rod. The Keman group was conceived in the year 2016. Keman has production facilities in Rajasthan, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Keman’s state-of-the-art plant is fully equipped to manufacture Optical Fibre Cables including Steel Tape Armoured, Steel Wire Armoured, ADSS, Aerial, Duct, Unitube & FTTH Cables conforming to IEC-794, ITU-T specifications. Our FRP Rod product range includes FRP Rod diameter ranging from 0.40mm to 6.5mm. Our installed capacity of approx. 10,000Km/Month for optical fibre cable and approx. 1,00,000Km/Month for FRP Rods and in process of further expansion.

Quality Assurance

Keman has been successfully implementing the quality management system requirements with a complete commitment to satisfy the customer needs. Our experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians carry out strict quality checks at every stage of manufacturing, right from, raw material inspection, in process quality to the final product to verify compliance to the requirements after every process. Finished cables are again tested as per the customer specifications. These tests are carried out according to various international standards like IEC, ITU, and Bell Core etc.

Global Presence

We are presently supplying our products to various sectors in India & Abroad, currently we are supplying to SAARC countries and eyeing to be a global player supplying to all continents across the globe.

We are having production facility in Rajasthan – India, Dhaka - Bangladesh.


Our Products


Single Tube Unarmoured Cable Central Loose Tube Design


Multi-tube Single Sheath Unarmoured Cable
Multi Loose Tube Design


Single Tube Armoured Cable
Central Loose Tube Design


Multi-tube Single Sheath Armoured Cable
Multi Loose Tube Design


Multi-tube Double Sheath Armoured Cable Multi Loose Tube Design


All Dielectric Self Supporting Aerial Cable Multi Loose Tube Design


Multi Loose Tube Design
Suitable for Aerial Installation



  • Low bending cable suitable for Indoor